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Questions and answers concerning the Computer Networks course in WS2021

Question 12: Will there be an exam SS2022?

Whether and when there will be an exam in SS2021 is decided by the examination office. The decision also depends very much on the epidemic situation and how the SS2021 runs overall. At the moment that is impossible to predict.

Question 11: Are the lectures recorded?


Question 10: What happened to the computer networks lab?

Since 2019, the computer networks lab is a separate module (Practical Computer Networks and Applications) in the summer term.

Question 9: What is the best way to learn for the exam?

Solve the exercise sheets! If you can solve the exercise sheets with your auxiliary material, you are well prepared. The course page also provides exams and sample solutions from previous years.

Question 8: Which auxiliary materials are permitted in the exam?

Each participant is allowed to use a calculator and to bring a self prepared and handwritten DIN-A4 sheet whose content is free into the exam. Attention: Only a single side of the DIN-A4 sheet is allowed to be used! Only handwritten originals are allowed but no copies.

Question 7: Why are the sample solutions for the exercise sheets online?

So that you can self-check your knowledge and find out where you need to improve further. If you have any questions, please use the exercise sessions to solve these questions.

Question 6: In which exercises may or must I participate?

You can participate in all exercise sessions for as long as you want. Please participate whenever you have questions, want to discuss things or if you want some feedback. You can attend the virtual exercise sessions and leave whenever you want.

Question 5: What is the password of the Zoom Logo video conferences?


Question 4: How do the exercises take place in WS2021?

As Zoom Logo video conferences. The links for accessing them can be found on the course homepage.

Question 3: How do the lectures take place in WS2021?

As Zoom Logo video conferences in English language. The links for accessing them can be found on the course homepage.

Screencasts in German language also exist.

Question 2: What is the password of the lecture notes?

There is no password.

Question 1: Will there be any class or exercise sessions in presence in WS2021?

Unfortunately not.

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