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Cloud Computing (SS2022)

Cloud Computing: Web-Based Dynamic IT Services  

A distributed system consists of several independent computers that communicate with each other over a network. Different distributed system architectures exist in the computer science. The most popular architecture is the Client-Server model. But especially in the parallel computing field, exist among others, Cluster Computing and Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing implies scalable services and the consolidation of compute and storage resources in large-scale resource centers. This consolidation offers the opportunity to redistribute resources, which have been used so far to keep the own resources running. At the same time, the users of a Cloud infrastructure services have the freedom to use their desired operating systems, programming languages ​​and applications.

In this course, the fundamentals of Cloud Computing and related technologies are discussed. Practical exercises are an important part of this course because they are essential for thee understanding of these technologies.

The course (lectures, exercises and presentations) is held in English language.

Parts of the slide sets are based on the book Cloud Computing: Web-Based Dynamic IT Services, which was published in 2011 by Springer. ISBN: 978-3-642-20916-1

Aktualisierte und verbesserte Vorlesungsunterlagen befinden sich auf der Seite Cloud Computing im WS2223.

Updated and improved lecture materials can be found on the web page of the course Cloud Computing in WS2223.

Schedule of the Course

The exercise session always takes place on Monday between 15:45-16:15 in room 1-130.

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Course Materials

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Semester Project

Since WS2021, the cloud computing course does not have a written exam anymore! Your grade will depend 100% on your work and the results of the semester project.

Form a team of four team members maximum and pick a topic. You and your teammates need to...

  1. Select one Cloud Computing-related free software solution.
  2. Deploy a multi-node cloud service with the software you selected. You may use physical machines, virtual machines, containers, public cloud infrastructure services, etc. Investigate which components your service has and analyze how these components do interact with each other. Learn how to use it.
    Alternative: Create a complex system or software solution by using public or better hybrid cloud service offerings.
  3. Test your deployment with appropriate tools.
  4. Write a document that contains your findings and provides an in-depth explanation (step-by-step) of how to set up the system you created. Create an installation guide. Your installation guide should provide detailed steps how to deploy, configure and use the service.
  5. Create a presentation, including a live demonstration of your work. Give this presentation in class.


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Suggestions (Topics) for Semester Projects

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